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Grinshill Stone Quarries Ltd. is independently owned and operated offering a very flexible and personal service to its customers. Full stone masonary services can be provided to meet customer needs. Anything from sawn blocks to delicate tracery and carvings can be provided.

New build

When first quarried, Grinshill sandstones are easily worked. This is a major advantage for craftsmen and masons.
As natural waters in the stone dissipate through evaporation or capillary action the surface, they precipitate the siliceous content as a hard crystallised outer patina over a period of time and is considered 'seasoned' after several years. This sealing of the surface skin adds to the inherent durability of the stone.

The big saw For almost 900 years Grinshill sandstone has been tried and tested on countless construction sites, withstanding the tests of time, weathering and erosion, far better than rocks of comparible age and outwardly simmilar appearance. It has become recognised for it's outstanding durability and aesthetic quality and can be seen in countless fine buildings nationwide.