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Welcome to Grinshill Quarry
Grinshill stone is a high quality sandstone suited for both new build and restoration work. Available in white and red sandstone from Grinshill in Shropshire has been used extensively throughout the UK for many of hundreds of years.
New build
Stone window frame
For over nine centuries the building stones from the Grinshill area have become recognised for their outstanding durability and aesthetic quality, achieving nationally important status on buildings such as Chequers and Downing Street. The physical hardness and chemical structure of the stone give it a unique coherence and resistance to the elements.

Hand carving

Technical advice is available at every stage of a project. from viewing on site prior to quarrying through to guidance on site handling and fixing. The company welcomes visits by architects and specifiers, to the quarries at Grinshill, to see the stone in its natural state and discus specific projects. A separate data sheet providing full technical and performance information is also available.

Grinshill stone supply cropped stone and cladding at reasonable prices.