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Grinshill sandstone is a natural raw material. Its unique characteristics coupled with the varied colour range, provide architects and contractors with a natural building material well suited to the demands of modern building designs and techniques whilst maintaining a perfect harmony with the environment. For almost 900 years Grinshill sandstone has been tried and tested on countless construction sites, withstanding the tests of time, weathering and erosion far better than rocks of comparable age and outwardly similiar appearance. It has become recognised for its outstanding durability and aesthetic quality and can be seen in countless fine buildings nationwide. Over the last nine centuries the building stones from the Grinshill area have become recognised and achieved nationally important status.

New build

Grinshill sandstone is the perfect building stone for all types of walling from the functional dry-stone wall to the walls in architecturally designed structures and buildings.
Grinshill stone is available in a broad range of colours from almost pure white through cream and light brown to deep red. There is also a range of textures and these features enable the stone to be used for most paving and walling applications.

Bespoke carving

The stone from Grinshill quarries is still as much in demand in the 21st century as ever before, its merits equally valued by today's architects and planners, who find it ideally suited for satisfying the exacting requirements of modern architecture.
They recognise that Grinshill sandstone is ideal building material for many projects, large or small. The stone continues to meet their meticulous requirements in the creation of impressive and enduring buildings, like those of the past.