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Today's architects and planners find Grinshill stone ideally suited for satisfying the exacting requirements of modern architecture. Grinshill stone is also one of the finest sandstones for restoration work, its colour range blending with stone, now no longer available, in other parts of the UK.

new build
New build

cut to customer specifications

new build

hand carving

The superior quality and diversity of colours of Grinshill sandstone make it ideal for both restoration and new building work.
Its unique characteristics coupled with the varied colour range, provide architects and contractors with a natural building material well suited to the demands of modern building designs and techniques whilst maintaining a perfect harmony with the environment.

Grinshill sandstone's physical qualities give it a resistance to some of the harshest environmental conditions, yet being a freestone, is easily worked, making it a versatile material for fine, delicate tracery and carving in the most elaborate of schemes.

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